Captain EO Disneyland Collectibles

When Disneyland opened the Michael Jackson Captain EO movie attraction in 1987 it was an instant success! This 3-D mini movie fantasy featuring the world famous "king of Pop" was a great achievement at the time. Even by today's standards the production and effects are outstanding! Because of all media hype surrounding MJ's child molestation allegations, Disney was left little choice but to close the show down in 1994.
Captain EO Fuzzball Plush Toy
"Fuzzball" Plush Toy-A Captain EO Character
Recently, Disneyland has decided to reopen the show and keep it running as long as there is interest! This has brought a new surge in collectibles from the original showing (87-94) and also new EO collectible merchandise with a new design!
Captain EO should be a part of every Michael Jackson collector's display as it is a classic piece of MJ's legacy. For those that cannot see the movie at the park there is a DVD available for home viewing. Some of the collectibles from the original showing are items such as pin back buttons and T-Shirts and sweat shirts.

 Original Captain EO Souvenir Pins 

There were several characters fans could bring home such as "Fuzzball" and "Hooter the Elephant" in the form of a plush toy. Some were made into pins. There were other collectibles such as pewter and PVC figures and dolls of Jackson in EO uniform and his side kick character friends. Posters, hats and of course brochures on the show are always popular amongst collectors!
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Whether you are a hardcore collector or a Michael Jackson fan in search of a piece of memorabilia to remember him by, the Captain EO show at Disneyland offers some nice pieces. This show represents a lot of MJ's dreams and ambitions. Tens of millions were poured into it's (at the time) state of the art production!

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