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In 1988, the autobiography book "Moon Walk" by Michael Jackson was published. The book went through a lot of changes and channels from the very start and is today a highly sought after collectible piece of Jackson memorabilia.
Moon Walk was originally written by Robert Hillburn but the publisher, Doubleday, didn't like it and wouldn't publish it. The reason given was that the stories were not gossipy, or juicy enough. A new writer was commissioned and The book was re-written by a man named Stephen Davis. Still not what was expected, Michael Jackson started editing the book like crazy and finally decided to write it himself with the help of a woman named Shaye Areheart. The final copy of Moon Walk was edited by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She also write the intro for the book, which Michael dedicated to Fred Astaire.
Moon Walk Book Front with Dust Cover
While the book was being published, the process was executed like a top secret military style operation! The word had long been out that a Michael Jackson autobiography was in the works and Doubleday was taking no chances of it leaking. Family members of employees of the company were hired to deliver pieces of the manuscript from NY to the presses in PA, separately and on no particular schedule or knowledge of what they were delivering, in order to avoid detection. The project even had a code name, Neil Armstrong. (First man to walk on the moon)
The book was very popular worldwide and sold hundreds of thousands of copies in less than six months. Two very hot topics in the book were Jackson's thoughts and words about his plastic surgeries and the tough life of a being the son of Joe Jackson, who was basically labeled a child abuser. This type of stuff is exactly what the public wanted and shows the decision on Doubleday's initial rejection was obviously a good one. The fact that the Bad album had only been out a year previous to Moon Walk going on sale helped with the hype too.
This Michael Jackson autobiography book is a must have for any MJ collection! First editions of Moon Walk can be found at bargain prices. Some of these collectibles are even autographed! These books are selling fast so get in on the action while you still can. There's never been a better time to own a piece of "The King of Pop" and Moon Walk is a great way to keep those great memories you have of Michael Jackson alive in your heart.

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Michael Jackson Moon Walk Book

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