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A magazine featuring Michael Jackson is a great collectible and an easy way  to keep your memory of "The King of Pop" alive and close to your heart. During the 1980's it seemed we couldn't escape the barrage of Michael Jackson magazines at every checkout line. Some were good articles, interviews or intelligent reporting while others were just gossip. Either way, there were a lot of them printed, especially during the Thriller and Bad era.
It seemed Michael Jackson had his picture on every magazine out there. People, Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Life and of course, the weekly tabloids too! Many people saved these magazines and are today digging them out and selling them. That's great news for and Michael Jackson collector! These Magazines are affordable and on the market right now, making a wonderful piece of MJ memorabilia for your collection!
Magazines are especially nice because they have so many nice quality pictures. A special issue can really put you back in time to a special period of your life. You can hold them, read them and look at the pictures! They look great on a nice display beside an album or other collectible from the same time period. And unless you are after a very rare vintage magazine, they are very affordable!
Every Michael Jackson collection should have at least a few magazines of the 80's sprinkled in the mix. Those were the glorious years, the fun years, the "normal" Michael years! Of course, there's plenty of magazines from the 90's too, which are very collectible, just not as happy in most issues! They mostly talk about his changing face and color and of course the financial and child molestation charges are big topics too.
And back to the happy years, we can go into the truly vintage and highly collectible Michael Jackson magazines from the Jackson Five era! Some of these are just priceless, in the sentimental sense, with little MJ showing off that big happy smile as a 10-14 year old boy! These magazines are available too but bit rare and a little more pricey than your average People mag from the 80's. For a huge fan or collector of Michael Jackson memorabilia, this time period is another must have when considering magazines.
Whether you are a hard core collector, or just have a small collection, or are an avid fan who just wants a pice of this American music icon as a keepsake,  magazines are affordable and fun memorabilia pieces to own. We've organized a huge selection for you on our site. Take a peek! There's never been a better time to buy a Michael Jackson magazine just right for your collection!


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