Michael Jackson Costumes-Props

Dressing up as "The King of Pop" this Halloween season is a great way to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. Whether you are looking for a full costume or particular pieces to create your own you'll find it a fun costume to wear. Michael Jackson is still on everybody's mind.
Creating your own is of course going to get you a better result if you are out to impress or win a contest. And it's easy to do! Just choose your favorite era or album that Michael Jackson did, find a picture and you'll have plenty to go on. He had a unique dress style from Thriller on up with iconic pieces of clothing such as the red Beat It jacket, red tennis shoes and the military jacket styles.
Of course we are all familiar with the white sequin glove, the shades and the black fedora hat. Michael's hair changed a lot over the decades. Depending on the era, you'll need a different style wig,.  Be sure to take notice of his eyes and eyebrows and  take some time to practice it so you can really get a good overall look for your outfit. You can easily find a close up picture of his face by googling the title of his album or his name.
Assuming you are going to make your own costume, the best place to start your search for props is your local thrift store. You should be able to find at least a few pieces that will cost you very little. You may even be lucky enough to find a vintage red leather jacket for next to nothing! So check them out first. Once you've hit them all, you're likely going to need a few more pieces.
The next best place is going to be eBay. The selection will be great and you can get the pieces you need to finish. Of course, you can find masks, full costumes and childrens outfits too, but the ncie thing about eBay is you can get those hard to find items. Often XXL or women's sizes are difficult to find anywhere and online is usually your best bet for these.
No matter what Michael Jackson look you decide upon for your costume, give it a little thought and take a little time to search for the right pieces and you'll look great! He's not as difficult to re-create in a Halloween costume as some might think and because of the many styles he exhibited over the years, your costume will still be unique to win that Halloween party contest while at the same time paying tribute to one of America's favorite pop icons!



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