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How could anyone forget the massive production of Michael Jackson dolls and Thriller memorabilia of the early to mid 80's? Never before had a rock, or pop icon been so marketed by toy companies. Many of these dolls in the 80's were very well constructed and detailed. People tucked them away in their attics and garages and forgot about them. That is until now!
The sudden and unexpected passing of MJ has created an incredible demand for these dolls and figures and people are cleaning digging out these iconic dolls and selling them for extra money. This is great news for you! Never before has their been such a variety of these collector dolls available and we've organized a huge selection for you. You can even search for vintage outfits and clothes for your "king of Pop" doll!
Whether you are a serious collector looking for rare, vintage pieces or an avid fan looking to own a piece of "The King of Pop" for sentimental reason, you'll find what you need right here! From beautifully crafted Porcelain statues and busts to quality mass produced action figures, these MJ pieces can be found on our site!

Jacko's red leather jacket is probably most embedded in our minds when we think of the Thriller days, and it is so with these action figures also. Still, there are many other styles and dolls available. The Billie Jean, Beat It and Thriller videos were used as a basis for clothing design on most of these figures and dolls.
There also dolls that had changeable clothes that could be bought separately.
The massive marketing and production of these dolls was not limited to just the USA. Many other countries such as Germany, UK and Australia had their own versions and some of these are quite rare and valuable, especially when found unopened and still in the box. And yes, they are still out there!

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Michael Jackson Hot Toys Bad Figure    Michael Jackson Hot Toys Thriller Figure

Many companies had a hand in this massive marketing. We all know about the Pepsi commercials, but other less obvious advertising was used like Kalvin Klein underwear on some of the actual toy dolls! There was much subtle advertising like this and is something a hardcore collector is aware of when appraising the value of these dolls and figures.
Hot Toys, Mattel, MJ Productions, Hasbro and far too many to mention have produced these figures and dolls. Hot Toys has a really cool figure with interchangeable hands and really nice detail!
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A collectible figure or doll is a great piece of memorabilia to own and now is a great time to find one you will cherish for a lifetime. While newer MJ statues, busts and commemorative collectibles will continue to flow and be available for your collection, the older vintage dolls will soon be gone. Don't be left behind. There has never been a better time to purchase and own a vintage Michael Jackson doll or action figure!


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