Michael Jackson Memorial Program Book Tickets Wristband

Only a few thousand lucky people were able to attend the Michael Jackson memorial service in LA. Many of these folks are selling their memorial program books, tickets and wristbands in order to pay for the trip. These incredible Jackson memorabilia collectibles are in extremely limited supply and are available for purchase right now!
On July 7, 2009, a memorial service was held for Michael Jackson at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. A lottery drawing was used for admittance and only about 8,000 people were chosen to attend out of about 1.6 million who entered. Each person was given a program book, gold wristband and a ticket. These programs are priceless and will add timeless monetary and sentimental value to any Michael Jackson collection. MJ collectors with this program will have collections that stand out from the rest for sure!

Michael Jackson memorial Program w/Wristband and ticket

Michael Jackson Memorial Program Wristband & Ticket
The entire kit is a work of art itself, true MJ style. The program is 14 pages filled with beautiful color pictures and writings from the family and friends. There are many pictures of various celebrities Michael Jackson was acquainted with over the years, including Elizabeth Taylor. The bracelet is very nice and the service was truly remarkable and emotionally moving. Now you can own a piece of history even if you weren't there. What a great keepsake for any MJ fan or collector!
Some of these memorial collectibles are being sold as the entire kit. Other listings are for just the wristband or just the ticket. The choice is yours. But one thing is for sure, these memorial service collectibles are selling very fast. Now is the time to get in on the action! Once they are gone, that will be it and just like those few that were chosen for the memorial service, so will it be with these limited programs. Only a very limited amount of people will have the opportunity to own one of these Michael Jackson memorial program books, tickets and wristbands.
Don't miss out! Don't delay any longer! Take a peek at these historic pieces of memorabilia right now. This may be your only chance to own one of these rare pieces of Jackson memorabilia. Seize the moment and purchase yours now!
Michael Jackson Memorial Ticket & Wristband
Michael Jackson Memorial Service Ticket & Wristband

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