Michael Jackson Red Beat It Jackets

n the 80's it seemed every other kid you saw was wearing one of these red jackets from the Micheal Jackson's "Beat It" video. They were quite the rage with all those zippers and compartments and that classic Red and Black colors. As time slipped away, so did these jackets. Teens and young adults grew up and moved on to other styles.
However, most people paid a lot for these jackets and did not throw them out. Most of them were neatly and securely stored away in the attic or garage. Most of the original vintage Michael Jackson Red Beat it Jackets were made of leather and although these fans knew they'd never wear them again, they couldn't give such a quality item away.

Michael Jackson in Red Beat It Jacket

Michael Jackson in Red "Beat It" Jacket

The recent passing of "The King of Pop" has created a huge demand for these jackets and people are cleaning out the attic and basements in search of their old treasured Thriller jackets. Once found, most do not fit anymore and they are putting them up for sale in order to make a few extra dollars. This is great news for you!
There's never been a greater selection of these vintage jackets and probably never will be again! Whether you are looking for a rare J Parks original or a nice quality leather jacket from one of the many quality manufacturers, you'll likely find what you need right here. From children's sizes, tweens, men's and women's sizes, they're out there right now and ready for purchase!
Naturally, they make a great addition to any Michael Jackson collection. New younger fans are also discovering the Thriller album and all the merchandising that went along with it. Many want to show support for this great American pop star and the red jacket with all those zippers was one of Micheal Jackson's most popular signature pieces of clothing.
Many will be dressing up as MJ this Halloween and nothing could compliment the costume more than a Michael Jackson red Beat It jacket! When the party's over, you've got yourself one fine collectible piece of Jackson memorabilia!
Whether you are looking for a rare vintage collectible or a quality, affordable keepsake, these Beat it red jackets are in good supply right. Take a peek before it's too late. They are selling fast and won't last long. Don't be left behind!
Red Leather Beat It Jacket
MJ Red Leather Beat It Jacket

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